The Birmingham and West Midlands Food Map!

The Birmingham and West Midlands Food Map is a handy collection of all our favourite places to eat or buy food or drink in Brum and the surrounding areas. If it’s on the map it means we like it a lot, we probably visit regularly, and at least one of us, and probably both of us (Nick and Lap) vouch for it. I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to try and add at least one location to it each day, until we can’t think of any more. If you have any suggestions for additions please let us know, but we won’t necessarily add it unless we like it too.

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8 thoughts on “The Birmingham and West Midlands Food Map!”

  1. Help! I love your blog but I’m stuck with a situation where I’ve organised a Hen Do in Birmingham, a select few of us, but because one of our party has a 6 month old we have opted to stay in on Saturday night and were hoping to get take out curry from Lasan… unfortunately they will only let us order very early which doesn’t fit into our other eating plans…. Ideally I wondered if you knew anywhere city centre Birmingham that does amazing take-out (and ideally delivery) We’re staying in a serviced apartment in the Arcadian Centre area. Any ideas?

    1. A conundrum! My feeling is that Asha’s would be likely to be able to help, although they may not deliver. Try the tandoori lamb leg starter!

    2. Indeed a conundrum. In the same vein give Pushkars a call too if you want highend Indian.

      Thinking laterally, if you’re in those Arcadian apartments you could pop down to Le Truc for French food. They’re very friendly and accommodating in there so the little one will be no probs. The food is classic bistro and done well.

      1. Yeah, or Min Min would sort you out a very decent chinese banquet and would probably even bring it up to you!

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