Cream Tea Review: Edwardian Tea Rooms, Avoncroft

The first in a regular (?) series.

This tea room is at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings. I have to say I didn’t think Avoncroft was quite as exciting as the Black Country Living Museum, but it is probably worth going for the collection of phone boxes and a fully working electro-mechanical telephone exchange (complete with demonstrator).

Anyway, on to the cream tea.

Scone: small, satisfyingly short, plump fruit (7/10)

Cream: a small pot of Rodda’s clotted cream per scone. I always find that’s slightly too little. (7/10)

Jam: a locally sourced strawberry jam packed with caramel flavours, from a local supplier – can buy it in the tea room (9/10)

Tea: a very good selection of leaf teas, I had oolong (8/10)

Presentation: the cream tea served with lovely china plates and cups (9/10).

Setting:  a reconstructed Edwardian tea room looks just the picture, nice views of Worcestershire country side and a good wind-mill (8/10)

A terrific score of 48/60! well done.