Slinging in St. Louis

P1020295I had a mad plan to drive to Memphis (300 miles from St. Louis) for the weekend, but sense prevailed and have decided to work instead on a report that is due next week. But before I got stuck into a writing session, I thought I better have a spot of brunch. So I swung by City Diner on S. Grand Boulevard – which is a bit of a food hotspot – for a famous St. Louis Slinger.

A Slinger, of course, is a full breakfast (in this case, two eggs over easy, hash browns and hamburger), slathered in chilli, and then topped with cheese.

Anyway, as pictures are worth 1000 words, so here’s several thousands words for you. But they probably all say “I feel a bit sick”.



4 thoughts on “Slinging in St. Louis”

  1. Oh, sorry, I should have said. That’s two fried eggs, hamburger, hash browns, covered in chilli, covered in cheese. AKA breakfast. I’ve updated the blog with that vital info.

  2. I’m waiting to hear about the Michelin Tasting Menu experiences. Sounds like I’m going to be disappointed.

  3. We’re going upmarket later on in the trip, don’t worry, when we hit the East Coast. But for now, when in Rome!

    BTW Chicago has Alinea, supposed to be the 5th best restaurant in the World – molecular gastronomy style. I probably won’t go though ‘cos I’ll be on my own and it’ll be too intimidating.

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