Restaurant Review: Viet An, Corporation St., Birmingham

The weather was bitter again this week so what better than a warming bowl of Vietnamese pho (pronounced fur) after work?

Viet An has been open 2 months, and cleverly, has built an early customer base with an initial offering via Groupon. For some reason I only tend to get sent offers for waxing and day spas on Groupon and I didn’t spot this offer.

Viet An has taken the place of a huge old pub opposite the magistrates court in this seldom-visited part of Birmingham (for me), near the children’s hospital.

Brightly coloured signs welcome you in, and the effect inside is psychadelic. The room has been cheaply decorated but has great charm. You are given a very warm welcome – proceeedings are run by a lovely Vietnamese grandmother, who speaks little English but bounds over to tell you how each dish should be eaten.

In fact the effect is so charming that I would be hard pressed to slag Viet An off even if the food was terrible.

Luckily it was pretty good. The menu is minimalist, usually a good sign, and kitschly illustrated. The usual Vietnamese staples are there, minus Banh Mi, a slight disappointment.

We fairly ordered the entire menu. Beer is a carry-over from the previous pub, being mainly crap brands on tap – hopefully they will import some Vietnamese beer soon.

Starters of Vietnamese spring rolls were great – crisply fried batter with a decent amount of pork filling.

Lotus salad had authentic flavouring with decent hits of mint, lime, fish sauce, chilli, garlic and peanut coming through.

The third dish of Banh Xeo was my favourite – the silky pancake batter could have been mistaken for an omelette. Slightly underseasoned, when added to the dipping sauce this was perfection.

Sizzling beef was unremarkable.

Just as we were getting full, the signature dish of pho bo arrived, a huge bowl with a decent amount of beef in it, as well as some little balls which were probably unmentionables. Chilli sauce and tuong (bean sauce) was supplied to pep it up a bit. A small plate of garnishes including some Thai basil could be added.

I could pick plenty of holes in Viet An if I was inclined – the pho stock wasn’t meaty enough, ideally it would be thick with gelatin from big old beef bones. The lettuce and carrot garnishes looked a little bit sad. The ingredients could be of better quality, and more Vietnamese herbs wouldn’t go amiss.

But Viet An is charming and authentic and also very cheap. Places like this should be encouraged.

Oh, and one final word of warning – it was absolutely freezing in the dining room so either go on a warm day or keep your jacket on!

7 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Viet An, Corporation St., Birmingham”

  1. went to viet an last night there was six of us i have to say its the worst restaurant we have ever been to it was freezing cold in there we had to sit with our coats on,the menue we were given was not what we saw on your web site,the spring rolls were the highlight of the meal from then on it was dreadfull we left feeling very hungry we spent 80pounds and it was not worth ten very disapointed as were of to vietnam in 2 weeks from a very upset customers jacqueline westwood

    1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear you had a bad time. Why not drop the restaurant a line and let them know, I think they have an email address on their website.

  2. Never mind, Jacqueline – you will have the most amazing time in Vietnam. Me, my daughter and my (then) boyfriend went in 2008 and we are all agreed it is the best holiday we ever had, probably never to be beaten. The people, the food, the scenery, the history – all incredible. In Hue we cycled to a stunning beach – whilst swimming in the crystal blue waters my boyfriend proposed. I was so confused I swam off whereupon he was promptly stung by a jellyfish and had to return to shore where he was advised by a waiter at the beach cafe to sit with a slice of lime on his leg. Not exactly how he’d planned it! We are very happily married and will never forget our amazing holiday in Vietnam. Have a fantastic time, we are very jealous x

  3. Nickolman has obviously never been to Vietnam. The Pho is as authentic as I have Freud outside of Vietnam. The look and feel, kitsch, is also on the money. I was transported back to Ho Chi Minh City which I where the owners come from. Great value an great flavours despite the probable difficulties in sourcing quality food which is so abundant in Vietnam. I just discovered it and will be a regular customer to this little slice of Vietnam in Birmingham.

    1. Hey, I said I liked Viet An didn’t I? But the pho when we went could have been a bit more gelatinous. We’re probably due a return visit, perhaps it has improved, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. “it was freezing cold in there we had to sit with our coats on” nice to see a nearly a year on this is still the same in there.the food was avaerage.the decor is tacky but you cant knock the service.the staff are lovely.cant help but think they would do better being in a small more central location.then they could afford to have the heating on.

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