Recipes I discovered between 2012-03-04 – 2012-03-10

  • Dinner number 2; a salt fish and ackee and a Balti lamb patty from fenky janes thx @oishinboy ->
  • That mackerel recipe was a bit pants. But maybe I did it wrong, don't really have time to cook properly! ->
  • Mackerel with roasted rhubarb sounds nice .. but it's a Nigel recipe so could go either way ->
  • Just tried a slab of @oishinboy's attempt at smoking some of @brockhallfarm's Dutch Mistress. Not bad! (He learnt from the best) ->
  • Anyone got a favourite mackerel recipe? I always seem to end up pan-frying and sprinkling over gremolata. ->
  • Lap has been keeping the blog warm whilst I'm busy with baby stuff. Latest post: Cantonese lobster noodle 龍蝦麵 ->

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