Popstrami moves to new location, different date

It’s been a troubling few days behind the scenes at Popstrami as we realised that our intended venue wasn’t going to be nearly big enough to satisfy the apparently huge pent-up demand for massive meat sandwiches in the West Midlands area.

Luckily, the legend that is Paul Leverton has come to the rescue and offered us the use of Leverton and Halls’ deli for the whole of Sunday 13th March.

So, that’s Leverton and Halls on Sunday 13th March 11:30 – 18:00. Not Saturday!

We’re opening earlier to satisfy those meat-brunch cravings, and the increased space means we might even put a few new bonus items on the menu.

Leverton and Halls is in Bournville, very near to the previous location, and a short walk to Bournville Railway Station (3 stops from New Street).

If you are not available on the Sunday and were planning to come on Saturday, we’re sorry and hope you can forgive us. If the date change means you can come now, that’s great!

In other news – we’ve also expanded the Popstrami team – we’re very pleased to have the help of Lap-Fei Lee who is on authentic NYC cheesecake duty and ‘Evil’ Gordon who will be helping man the good ship Popstrami and cooking up a few Bournville babkas!

And finally should say a massive thank you to the team at INHABIT who offered us the use of the pop-up tearoom in the first place and kick-started this mad venture.

So, see you on the 13th! Keep an eye out for updates here.

2 thoughts on “Popstrami moves to new location, different date”

  1. I realise its hardly in the NYC deli tradition, but since your meat is already not kosher, could I suggest pulled pork as a potential ‘bonus item’ – Undoubtedly another contender (maybe the only other serious contender?) for ‘greatest sandwich meat’ and involving none of the long-term preparation which might hinder adding other cured meats.

    Oh dear, now I’ve started thinking about this I realise that if you don’t like the idea, I’m gonna have to make some myself just so I can do my own comparison.

    1. Neil, I am as partial as the next man to a good pulled pork sandwich (my recipe – dry cure a whole pork shoulder overnight in a mixture of salt and brown sugar and then cook it for 6 hours in a low oven). But I do feel this sandwich belongs to an entirely different pop-up concept 🙂 Let’s chat on the 13th!

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