New Orleans Day 1: From George Bush to Louis Armstrong

Hey campers, a quick note from New Orleans. An eventful day of travelling which started with a rude awakening at 6am. I’m too tired to write a proper update, but some highlights
* The Fighter on the inflight entertainment. What a film! In fact I spent the whole film going “this film is great .. this film is great .. this film is great” whilst watching it, which rather distracted me from the film in fact. But it’s good. Like Rocky crossed with a better film.
* An uneventful flight ruined by a 90 minute queue at Houston immigration. The amount of good old British whingeing going on (including by me) would be enough to fill an entire season of “Airline”. I didn’t kick up a fuss like those Mallorca-bound idiots though because they have guns in airport security here.
* Knock on effect of missing my connection to New Orleans. Started making elaborate plans to get to the other airport but in the end got on the next flight so there by 6pm.
* A Fox News shop in Houston airport
* Bourbon St! “The most visited street in America.” My hotel balcony opens up onto it. It’s loud, very very loud. Right now they are playing Sweet Home Alabama. A procession went past, Treme style, with big tubas and everything.
* It’s a cross between Broad Street in Birmingham and Vegas – lots of tacky adult entertainment, pissed-up yankees on their holidays, hen parties, that kind of thing.
* Mothers; I checked this joint out and had the seafood gumbo. Very good it was too, I will be back for a debris po’boy soon. I hooked up with some random ASM people from Harvard.
* The Rapture. It didn’t happen. Or at least “Not yet” according to the episcopalian I sat next to on the flight.
* The mississippi – a huge, filthy river from the air, and I saw the Bonnet Carre spillway opened up, quite a sight. The amount of heavy industry on the river is quite unbelievable.
* Wow its humid here.
* Melatonin time, night night

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  1. Hey I watched The Fighter too on my flight back from HK this morning! Really great film but the final fight was a let down, I wanted a more Rocky style ending with exploding chins in slo-mo, maybe ma climbing into the ring with a ciggy in her gob.

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