Hunger strikes (again)

Hannah bought me a copy of Simon Majumdar’s “Eat My Globe“, another food travelogue book (like Jay Rayner’s great The Man Who Ate the World) which I am a big fan of. So on the flight I quickly skipped to the chapters on the USA to check for pointers. To my delight I found that Chicago is covered, as well as other foodie hotspots: Kansas City, Texas, New Orleans and New York, some of which I may get to later on in this trip. Reading about the hot dogs at “Hot Doug’s” in Chicago, my mind has already gone into gear thinking about how to re-route my itinerary to get a decent dinner.

I did my calculations a bit wrong and have worked out that my landing date of 3:23pm is only 9:23pm English time, therefore it seems more than practical to have a quick drive into Chicago and check this out and hopefully stuff my face. If I can get my act together, I’ll also try and take in the famous Anish Kapoor sculpture at the same time if they are anywhere close.

Assuming I don’t die on the ‘cago roads, I will then point my rental car south-westerly and drive to Joliet – of the jail Dan Ackroyd gets out of at the start of Blues Brothers. There I have the delights of the Fairfield Inn to look forward to, and a nice long sleep before hitting on Route 66 tomorrow down to St. Louis.

4 thoughts on “Hunger strikes (again)”

  1. Forgot you were stopping-off in Chicago – I went a few years ago en route to Madison and thought it was a great city centre – nearly as impressive as New York. Food-wise I remember particularly enjoying a wonderful old fashioned (and reasonably priced) German restaurant / beerhall that was recommended in all the guidebooks, but can’t recall the name. I think there are supposed to be more Poles in Chicago than in Warsaw, so you should be able to get a nice plate of pierogi if that appeals!

    1. Ah, sounds good Lewis. It was just a flying visit yesterday but am flying back to DC from Chicago so hopefully will have time to take in more sites. It looks like an interesting city with a very distinct feel, very different from NYC.

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