Guide to ordering at Jyoti’s Birmingham

I love Jyoti’s – a vegetarian indian restaurant in Hall Green, Birmingham. The food is cheap, filling, carefully spiced and very satisfying. Despite it being vegetarian, and despite not using ghee this food is not necessarily healthy – because you WILL over-indulge, straining your pancreas and giving you starch terrors. This is a good thing obviously.

However, the menu is long and the dishes vary from sublime to rather ordinary. I am going to keep this blog post as a guide to dishes I have really enjoyed, because I always forget which ones I like!

And if you have been yourself, please leave comments about dishes you have enjoyed or not.

Starting from last night’s takeaway.


Dahi puri – eat-in only, little puris, filled with a mixture like bhel puri, with a tamarind sauce to pour in. Always a fun starter.

Mogo chips – cassava chips served with hot chilli to dust over. These are great but never eat more than a handful for a starter as they expand in your stomach and you’ll never eat your mains.

Bhel puri – always good. Comes dry if you take-away, remember to add the sauce.


Plain dosa – the Jyoti dosas are lovely, served with a very thin daal. However they don’t take-away very well as they don’t benefit from sitting around.

Masala dosa – as per the plain dosa but with a large filling of potato. Prefer the plain.

Mattar methi malai – probably my favourite dish on the menu, peas and fenugreek. This is always great.

Sev and tomato – a lightly spiced tomato curry, but I don’t think I like sev very much.

Palak + chana – spinach and chickpeas, not very exciting.

Jeera rice – cumin-rice, very nice.

Bengan masala – a very good aubergine curry.

Vegetable biryani – nice rice, with a fairly plain vegetable curry accompaniment

Malai kofta – vegetable koftas, I think containing paneer, in a very tasty sauce. Always worth a go.

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