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P1020219I’ve had 3 full days at the Genome Center now and it has been pretty full-on experience. I am going to do a more detailed blog on the Genome Center later on this trip, plus treat you to some pictures of their sequencing rooms and data center. But just a brief update: I’ve been having some great discussions with the many members of the team that manage the entire sequencing pipeline. Pam has been organising my diary so I meet as many people as possible whilst I’m here. So far I’ve spoken to Dan Koboldt – a keen blogger, who is in charge of SNP discovery in the medical genomics group. He has introduced me to some great new software which is going to be very helpful for our group’s work on bacterial variance detection.

I’ve also had chats with Kym who heads up the annotation pipeline for the human microbiome project, Gary, the head informatics guy who gets to play with servers all day, plus Candace and Cindy who check samples into the sequencing pipeline and manage their progress through it. I’ve also spoken to a couple of the guys who do the Cancer Genome Atlas project. Plus the Wash-U/Gambia/Birmingham Streptococcus pneumoniae project is moving along a-pace!

Coming up, tomorrow I will be watching the 454 & Solexa sample preparation take place. Next week I will be speaking to the LIMS and the AIMS (analysis) pipeline guys, plus meeting David Dooling, head of informatics and another Wash-U blogger!

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  1. Hi Nick just to let you know that I am following your programme with interest and who are you trying to kid when you say it is a working programme! Sounds very foodie to me! But a working guy has to eat. For us non medics the interest in places and food is easier to follow! Have fun, catch up with your later. Love Margaret x

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