Fun spam

I enjoyed receiving this message from Interpol today! I’m not sure if Eric Cool’s approach to police work is entirely correct.

From: The officer in charge.
Mr. Eric Cool.
Tell: +44-7024027604
Attn: Beneficiary.
We write to inform you that our security agent discovered One Trunk Box
containing a sum of (US$5.5M) from one diplomat who says that the
consignment belongs to you but instruction was given to him to convey
and divert it to Switzerland.
According to our findings the person that sent him for this mission
wanted to claim your fund to his own selfish use. The consignment/fund
has been move to our bank pending when you confirm this subject
matters, meanwhile the diplomat is still under our custody for further
interrogation. You are therefore advice to get back to this office
consigning this issue as this will enable us release your fund to you,
failure to respond we will not hesitate to release your
consignment/fund to the diplomat.
Mr. Eric Cool.
(Head of Department ).

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