Charcoal Chicken


Right I know you think I’ve lost it. Charcoal flipping Chicken?! Yes get the timing right and you’ve basically got the best fast food imaginable. Seriously! Who doesn’t like chargrilled chicken, it’s like a universal language. From Japan to Mexico a nicely grilled bit of chicken equals a good meal.

Charcoal Chicken have their own patented charcoal rotisserie (no photos allowed) in which several whole flattened chicken smothered in tandoori spices rotate slowly till they’re slightly overdone. Now there’s the rub, they’re not cooked to order, which means you could get one that’s been drying out even more in the holding cabinet. But if you can get one fresh off the grill then it’s truly delicious. I mean who else is actually chargrilling fresh chicken? Answer: no one, they’re all using gas.

Whole chicken, naan, fries & salad. Enough for two people £7.99. Stick that Nandos. They like to bill themselves as healthy do Charcoal Chicken, if you took away the fries then er maybe. Other things on the menu include chicken wings and jerk chicken wraps. But I only go for the charcoal chicken, the clue is in the name.

Hall Green Branch (the only I can vouch for): 1158 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B28 8AF
Alum Rock: 710 Alum Rock Road, Birmingham B8 3PP
Kings Heath: Deceased


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