Recipes I discovered between 2012-02-05 – 2012-02-11

  • I find duck breast very uninspiring to cook. Any great ideas (i.e. nothing that appears on the BBC Food website) ->
  • Email from River Cottage today subject "Things are heating up" – hilarious I'm sure ->
  • Right who's not too hungover to
    go to harborne farmers market this morning?? ->
  • Superb chippy fish from @chamberlainsB68 – lovely light but very tasty batter … plus a fish finger sandwich for the wife ->
  • Just had a delivery of 2.5kg of white powder from Mexico via @oishinboy … don't worry it was just masa harina ->

Recipes I discovered between 2012-02-12 – 2012-02-18

  • Although if I'm dead tomorrow please remember that chicken picture I tweeted … ->
  • OK well Waitrose swapped the biohazard level 3 chicken for a nice ribeye steak and threw in some jamon iberico so who's laughing now. ->
  • OK. Chicken rethink required. Wonder what would have happened if I'd cooked that Heston style at incubator temp ->
  • seems to have haemorrhages too. leckford. #RT @smokeandumami: Anyone ever seen this on a chicken? Doesn't look right! ->
  • Anyone ever seen this on a chicken? Doesn't look right! ->
  • Will roast a chicken later by putting it in a hot oven for an hour or so and letting it rest for 20 minutes. Heston might want to try. ->