Election Night Eats!

The Tories came to power in 1979, the year I was born. When I came of age in 1997, I voted for New Labour. Now I am old and disillusioned with what they have done. None of the various choices facing me seem particularly palatable – particularly living in the Tory-Labour marginal of Birmingham Edgbaston.

Perhaps food is the answer to our problems. Or at least it might help ease the pain of the thought of a Conservative government tomorrow.

Brillat-Savarin has several aphorisms of relevance here:

III. The destiny of nations depends on the manner in which they are fed.

IV. Tell me what kind of food you eat, and I will tell you what kind of man you are.

XIV. A dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman who has lost an eye.

OK, I guess the last one is not really relevant (but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true).

Anyway, I thought we would mark the occasion and have some fun with a themed election dinner.

Mark suggested some desserts: Brown derby, spotted Nick or coconut Cameron (macaroon). But I went for a more prosaic (but no less delicious) theme.

To start, a tomato salad with goats cheese, basil and some wet garlic I picked up in Worcester.

Obviously this represents New Labour, but the specks of green could also represent the possibility of the Green party getting their first seat ever in my birthplace constituency of Brighton Pavilion.

My linguine carbonara didn’t come out quite as yellow as I’d hoped. This is obviously for the Lib Dems. But does the pancetta represent a Lib-Lab coalition government? (No. Its a vital component of carbonara).

Sorry for not wiping my rim (?) before taking this picture but I ran out of kitchen roll. Blueberries obviously represent the Tories. These are chilling in the fridge at the moment waiting to eat. I might not eat it out of protest. Or perhaps I will eat it and then throw it all up!

Here goes. Election evening cometh … I will let you know what colour my poo came out tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Election Night Eats!”

  1. We are having a stir fry
    a coalition of all the vegetables
    a case of making do with what we’ve got
    it’s a secret

  2. I had u-kippers for dinner and didn’t even spot the joke!

    I also had purple brocolli with chilli, which kinda has both red, blue and green in it, and I ate it all wearing a yellow t-shirt.

    Where was the goats cheese from?

  3. Oh dear, I haven’t done a poo yet. I think its a hung parliament, or perhaps a rotten borough.

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