Korean BBQ Recipes

An aide-memoire tumble:

  • Marinated hanger steak – I managed to source 1kg of hanger steak  from Aubrey Allen in Leamington Spa for a tenner. They also threw in about 5 ox knees for my soup for free. After being marinated and cooked rare on the BBQ (over oak chips) it is very tender. It’s the new pork belly! I didn’t bother with David Chang’s “ghetto sous vide” method and I don’t think it would add much.
  • Ginger and spring onion sauce
  • Roasted onions
  • Pureed kimchi – I got some kimchi from Sing Fat in Birmingham, it tasted a bit artificial but I didn’t have time to ferment my own. Made on an industrial estate in Taiwan no less. I pureed this up.
  • Ssam sauce 
  • Gochujang
  • Grey salt
  • Lettuce for ssam wrapping
  • Short-grain rice with sushi vinegar
  • Tare – chicken wings, sake, mirin, soy.
  • Ramen broth – one sheet konbu, shiitakes, 1kg of beef shin, 5kg of ox knees (elbows would also work), 500g smoked black ham, onions, carrots, leeks, spring onions, ramen noodles, flavoured with tare.
  • Pickled shiitakes, made from the mushrooms which went into the stock – soy, sherry vinegar, sugar

I was generally quite happy with the results. It certainly tasted “authentic” like some of the food we had in Korea. Next time I will make my own kimchi and some more banchan as per Paulo.