Monday, 17:10

Gambian food update:

  • benechin – short-grained rice, heavily spiced with meat or fish and stewed vegetables, perhaps like a Gambian biryani. Tasty.
  • chicken yassa – when done correctly, a rather tasty spiced dish of chicken and onions. The variety we tried today was delicious and featured carrots, yam and aubergines.
  • afra – we’ve still not had this yet, but this is the local version of a kebab
  • ladyfish – a quite delicious, moist fish somewhat like sole usually served with a peanut-based sauce, or spicy fried onions and carrots
  • bonga – the commonest fish in the Gambia, I’m pretty sure I had it last night even though I ordered the ladyfish, bony, meaty and not particularly worth the effort. The cat at our table appreciated it though.
  • attaya – a beverage made with Chinese gunpowder tea. First the tea is stewed in a small pot over charcoal with plenty of sugar and optionally some fresh mint. It is then transferred repeatedly between two glasses to make a foam. It is then consumed by the men-folk. You can then do a second and third brew with increasing amounts of sugar for the women, and then the children. Gambia is 95% muslim and so this is the social lubricant of choice.
  • peanuts – 1 dalasai for a big bag, so very cheap. High levels of afflotoxin restrict the export of this crop.
  • SupaKanja – not sure yet – it involves okra, but not found a place which sells it – sounds good though!

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